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Requirements Overview

  • Musical production need not be in real time - sections can be generated, then assembled into the whole song
  • Song must have a defined end - the user will be able to specify a length in either bars or actual time
    • The length of the song is just an estimate. The software will end the song close to the estimate (within a few bars), but will not sacrafice a "clean" ending to end the song on time.
  • The song produced should make musical sense
    • Musical elements such as the following should be utilized whenever possible
      • Simple chord theory
      • Repetition
      • Call and response
      • Structured rhythm
      • Accented beat pattern

Functional Requirements

  • User Interface
    • Starting note
    • Key
    • Tempo
    • Stylistic choices and parameters (if any)
  • Clock
    • If one clock is used, the clock will be implemented at 4 times the speed of the tempo to allow for 1/16 notes to be accurately represented
    • If multiple clocks are used, one will be implemented for each type of note
    • It would probably be easier to use a single clock with a counter system attached to it
  • Data structures
  • Output
    • Real time or file?