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Jump to: navigation, search has used the Coppermine Photo Gallery (CPG) for a few years. Recently, the CPG code project has fallen short of expectations. This has prompted me to switch over to the Gallery code project. The features offered are too numerous to list here (yes, there's that many), it's very easy to add new features with plugins, the level of configurability is ridiculous, and it's also much easier to integrate into the site - which was almost impossible with GPC's system - which is why I didn't do it.

You can access the new gallery here.

Upgrade Notes

  1. If you had a user account on the old gallery, you don't have one on the new gallery. You'll have to create a new one, sorry
  2. All the pictures have been copied into the new gallery except those from SJ Drama. You can still access those through the old CPG gallery.
  3. The old gallery is completely intact at the moment, but I won't be adding photos to it. New photos will only appear in the new Gallery2 gallery. Once I finish getting Gallery2 set up, I'll be removing CPG.
  4. I was able to import all the photos using a pretty nice script made especially to convert CPG to Gallery2, so all the image view counts are the same as they were in the old gallery, however album views started at 0. Note that CPG was very bad at counting views, so they weren't right to begin with.
  5. Thumbnails are currently automatically cropping into squares, so pictures look a little funny, I'll fix this eventually.

Major Benefits to Check Out

  1. Add to cart - allows you to download a whole bunch of pictures in a zip file or print them using a web service. I would recommend that you talk to me and get full resolution images if you're printing - the ones I put online are at less than half of full resolution to save space on the server
  2. Super nice slideshow. Find the buttons to make it happen at the left
  3. Easier links. No more and all that junk, instead, it looks like this: Sure it's longer, but you know where you're headed.
  4. 3 random images selected every time you load a page
  5. RSS Feeds are available to watch for album changes
  6. Image view counters actually count (they didn't all the time in CPG)


  • Integrate Gallery into the Site
    • Update homepage link - done
    • Update wiki link - done
    • Stylize to fit website theme
    • Replace Gallery Graphics with custom graphics
    • Add site-wide navigation bar to gallery
  • Fix thumbnail square auto-crop