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Can Do

See Special:Version for more information about what extensions are running.

Display photos from Gallery2

That's right - any photo in Gallery2 can be popped right into a Wiki page. More information in Help:Editing


It is possible to cite sources within an article. The in-document citations will be used to generate footnotes. For information on how to use references, see Help:Editing. For information on the references plugin see "Cite" on meta.mediawiki


It is possible to create and assign tasks within an article. Tasks need not be assigned to a wiki username. Clicking on a username next to a task will display all tasks for that user with the originating aritcle title. For more information on how to use tasks, see Help:Editing. For more information on the tasks plugin see "Tasks Extension" on meta.mediawiki

Namespace Permissions

It is possible to grant access to any combination of namespaces to any combination of individual users. I will not discuss the details of this implementation, as it does not affect users.

Can't Do, But Want To

Spell Check

There is a MediaWiki extension for spell check. Unfortunately, it requires "aspell" which my hosting provider has banned from their servers because it eats up too much resources. I'm looking for alternatives.

Use Wiki Users as Gallery2 Users

This is not possible yet, but it is a goal. It would be neat to have a single "" account, instead of having a separate account for the gallery and the wiki. This single username would ideally be used for any additional services provides in the future.


Some of these have been installed, others have not:

Syntax Highlighting

It is possible to automatically highlight source code in many languages using the GeSHi highlighting plugin. I don't really have a use for this now, so I'm not dealing with it. For more information on how to use this, see Help:Editing.