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Table Dimensions

  • 830 caps (11/2/08)
  • 1 in^2 per cap
  • 830 in^2 = 5.76 ft^2

Shopping List

  • Stuff
    • Table Resin
    • Hot glue sticks (probably about 10 or 15)
    • Wood for forms (how much?)
    • Nails (probably about 50, small and thin)
    • Anti-stick stuff for forms (no idea what this is - maybe just plaster or wax or petroleum jelly?)
    • Wood glue? (can probably just caulk everything, use nails to build forms)
    • Caulk (clear silicone)
    • Rags
    • 8 bolts (how big?)
    • 4 anchors (what type?)
    • Plexiglas (what size? how thick?)
    • Fine sand paper (800+ grit)
  • Tools
    • Hot glue gun
    • Torch
    • Mixing tools (not drill)
    • Mix bucket
    • Hammer
    • Wrenches / ratchets
    • Sanding block
    • Fans for ventilation
    • Painters plastic or newspaper for floor


Follow this a little bit.


Repeat 4 times:

  1. Build wood form
  2. Drill hole for bolt
  3. Seal wood with anti-stick
  4. Pour first layer of resin, use torch to reduce bubbles
  5. Let dry enough (how much?)
  6. Put the bolt and anchor into the form (we do this after the first pour so we don't spill resin on it by accident and reduce clarity)
  7. Seal bolt with caulk
  8. Add bottles and/or caps
  9. Pour the rest of the leg, use torch to reduce bubbles
  10. Let dry
  11. Sand as needed

Table Top

  1. Cut Plexiglas to size (what size?)
  2. Drill 4 holes for bolts (where?)
  3. Put in the bolts, seal the bottom with caulk
  4. Seal the wood used to make the form
  5. Make a 4 sided form around the edge of the glass that is taller than the resin overhaning the bottom about 1/2in
  6. Caulk form to the bottom
  7. Place caps
  8. Glue caps with hot glue
  9. Fill the top with resin, use torch to reduce bubbles
  10. Let it dry
  11. Rip the form off, pull the caulk off
  12. Sand as needed
  13. Attach legs by screwing them on

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