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Welcome to JimboWiki!


The idea of this wiki is to allow me to create and edit pages more quickly and easily than doing HTML design. Hopefully, by doing this I will have more useful content available. Most of the content right now is technical documentation on the website, my personal projects, or Linux tasks. Feel free to browse around and contribute any relevant information you have. Be sure to check out the photo gallery


Interesting applications of Linux
How to build a Software RAID array - includes information about using SCSI devices in Linux
Linux Tutorial Part 1 (The Basics)
Media Applications on Linux (See also: LinuxMCE)
Migrating to Linux - A how-to guide for making a dual-boot Windows/Linux system with the ability to run Windows apps in Linux using VMWare Server (which is free, by the way).
Minimizing Power Consumption in Linux - Want your battery to last longer? Me too.
Build a Supercomputer! - Build a supercomputer in your own home

Personal Projects

Information and documentation on projects that I've worked on
MQP: Sun Microsystems - Analysis Tool for Security of Java Applications
IQP: London Borough of Brent - New Housing Survey 2008
Sufficiency Project: Algorithmically Composed Music
Bottle Top Table

Information about and its capabilities
New Photo Gallery - Notes on the Upgrade and Use of the Gallery
Current Wiki Capabilities - what it can do, what I'm trying to get it to do


Information for photo enthusiasts, or people looking to get started with photography as a hobby
Photography Tips - Learn about what makes a good picture (Incomplete)
Photography Science - Learn how your camera deals with light and how to take advantage of light's physical properties (Outline only)
Digital Photography Editing Tips - Important things to know if you're doing a lot of work on your photos after taking them


Things that don't fit the others
Bug Reporting - Importance of reporting software bugs well, and how to communicate the problem effectively
Motorola Xoom Notes - Including how to root, how to transfer app data, and how to get Flash working

Private Sections

Probably not anything you care about anyway...
USCSA Projects
How to set up USCSA races in SplitSecond
Project Lively
Official Result